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Find The Cat news - Kickstarter news. Progress of the past 10 days.

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Hello everyone.

Kickstarter isn't doing well so far. 1% funded (out of 3500€ asked). I will push during the last 48h to see if more people get interested in it or not. If the Kickstarter fails, the game will release with its current features.

Kickstarter link

As for the development news of the last ten days, here is the changelog :

- pause menu with cats vfx based on whether or not they have been unlocked.
- main menu, options, load game (also in pause menu with saving), new game.
- autosave + widget. (green cubes and trigger boxes)
- better fog sphere.

Improved "fog spheres". This is a test map not in game just for feature showcase.

- z-kill. Falling from the level into the void is now handled.
- entry sequence + display main quest.
- volume adjustments.
- colored cubes are now correctly saved and loaded.
- added main menu music.
- added some small secret cubes. They are not collectables at the moment. They are just there.
- fixed some passages that the player could have passed.

Jump optimized
the "roof" of the game. With winds and a tunnel you have to jump into.

- music now keeps playing if you pause the game.
- fixed the main quest spawning twice.
- fixed the main quest text shadow going through the text when using an opacity animation.
- fixed clicking sound in happy purr.
- fixed z-kill not working if you were to load a different save. (it now just teleports you to a checkpoint instead of loading the last autosave)

Checkpoints 02
Green cubes are checkpoints. The game also autosaves at critical points.

Steam Link

Kickstarter link

Store page link for Wishlist

Have a good day whoever you are
- Quentin Edel

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