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sorry it's been so long, ill explain below. don't worry i'm not dead!

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so sorry all about the massive time of nothing and not really anything still. now a few things to say.

first off, I've been gone as first thing college. college work is a strain sometimes as so i can't do anything work for it. also personal struggles. friends, family and love. time is settled now so i may be able to slowly work on it again.

secondly, still with my crappy laptop. no new laptop/computer. so cannot use unity or blender. i also have no paid version of photoshop, no pirated version as well.

i do plan to update how i can and when i can.

also, i have to redraw all alpha testers, ones i have not given first, as their are too many. o will probably do a raffle or whatever, to make it more sorted out and to help me. first alpha tester is being drawn from the 10th of February at:

hope you are all okay,

Archy signing off.

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