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In this new version you'll get the first original sprites !

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Hello everyone !
So, 2 weeks without an update ?! What the heck happened ? Well I was sick a basically lost a week in my bed, I know it just sounds like a bad excuse but well.. it's true.
Anyway, I'm back now, with the new 926 version ! Yeah I skipped the 925 :P
What's cool in this one ?

  • Everything is just sharper and a little smaller. You might not see it if you don't have the holder version to compare with, it's roughly a 10% difference, but to me that really feels a lot better ! And the screen will feels a lot less crowded !
  • The bomb will blow particles away ! Yes it's yet another detail but attention to detail is important and those bombs just feels a lot more powerful !
  • At last but certainly not least : for the first time, this game actually have sprite of it's own ! The first enemies you'll see are the first be replaced ! I'm very glad to annonce that I'm now working with Emma Payne on this project ! In the next update you'll certainly see more of her work !
    There are two ideas behind those new sprites : Finally have original material for this game and not rely on Tyrian's sprites. Have a lot more freedom and bring this project to the next level ! I'm really exciting about this part since it will allow to do all kinds of crazy enemies and I won't be limited with wath material I have at my disposal !

I've deliberately skipped over boring updates like less bugs and more performance.If you haven't tested this game yet, here is your chance :
Thanks for taking the time to read this ! Thanks for playing, I've seen players with amazing scores or a huge amount of experience accumulated !
And a special thanks to all those contacting with great ideas ! It's really exciting to see other people passionate about this project, I feel a less alone :D

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