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Twisted Gravity, version 0.9 RC available for download and new profile

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I have finally created a game profile for my game, Twisted Gravity! I wanted to do this a long time ago, but I am a busy person, so I had to push it back until now.

Where to start... Twisted Gravity is a game in which I have been working for more than half a year. A while ago I was developing a different game, called Time Timmy (also in indieDB) but this proved to be a project too ambitious for the time that I had available. The months passed, and I barely did any progress, so I decided to switch my focus to something simpler, something that I would be able to finish in the little available time that I had. The result of this decision is Twisted Gravity.

The game itself is a minimalist arcade game for Android, in which we control the gravity using the accelerometers in the phone to move a green ball around a maze, avoiding dangers and racing against the clock. It is pretty simple, but fun!

Now the game it's in it's version 0.9 Release Candidate. What does this mean? It means that the game was polished until a level I like was achieved, and now I will focus on launching the game on Android's Play Store.

EDIT: Version 0.91 was added right now, which includes a few bug fixes. The link in this post was also updated to this version.

This means the game will be finished? Not at all! Even if I am happy with the overall product that will be released, the content amount is not that much, so after releasing it, the focus will be to work on producing more content. This means more levels, more mechanics, and maybe more game modes.

The apk file of this version is available for download here:

Twisted Gravity version 0.91 Release Candidate

This is a version that should be really close to the one that will be released soon (I hope), so it is pretty much the final product with the first set of levels. Any feedback on the game, specially bugs found would be really appreciated.

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