Post news RSS Finally! Battle of the Bulge v4.0 released.

After so many years, the Battle of the Bulge rages again! The new version received various updates, like new models, units, overhauled weapon stats, more maps, a campaign and an exclusive new Fuel & Ammo System.

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Finally! Battle of the Bulge 4.0 released!

While Europe is suffering under a hot sun, the BotB Mod Team is taking you again
to the cold winter of 1944/45.
Take control over the german force thats startingthe Operation "Wacht am Rhein"
- a surprise attack to capture the port of Antwerp.
Or take command of the U.S.First Army that ,after some confusion,
put up a fierce resistance and stopped the german Panzers.

Battle of the Bulge 4.0  -

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Real life squad sizes & historical equipment, more maps, especially for "Operation Nordwind". New vehicles, new weapons, enhanced tank combat effects, overhauled stats,skins & models. Better performance.
Choose between "Realism" Modes that make use of Automatic Territory capturing, Troop surrendering and
Ammo and Fuel consumption. Or play in "classic" CoH style.
And the beginning of a SP campaign ( therfore Pt.1 ). More missions to come.

And dont forget to join the >>BotB & Immersion 1944 Discord<< for help, more infos and bug reports.

Thank you for all the patience during these years.


Guest - - 699,234 comments

its so amazing that we're still getting coh1 content in 2022!

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Guest - - 699,234 comments

i downloaded the...

can any one tell me how install it

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Halftrack Author
Halftrack - - 996 comments

just look into the readme textfile, it contains an instruction.

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German_Bacon - - 51 comments

I'm a year late to the party, but wow, it's incredible to see BotB get an update! I remember loving this mod back in the day, and now it's still going strong! Cheers to you Halftrack, mad man.

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kenung0803 - - 5 comments

its awesome.. keep it up

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EIiteTrooper - - 63 comments

Testing Battle of the Bulge right now and my conclusion is... Is a great mod, but i dont liked a thing: the new "just stand in the territory to capture it" system hurt the continuous capture commands (hold shift). The old system is more effective, because you can order an unity (holding shift) to capture several territories automatically, and the unit will stay in each territory till capture it completely and after that, automatically goes to other territory and so on. With the new system, the unit just ignore the time to capture and keep following the paths traced by hold shift. Removing the flags was good (i guess), but this must be fixed, because KILLED one of the most important strategies of the game: hold shifting continous capture points.

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