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For quite a while, this game has been pretty much dead. But now I present to you something that will bring this game back to life. Even if just barely.

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As you probably recall, I haven't posted anything in something like 6 months already. But now, I present to you the soviet sentry gun!
Sentry gun

With 2 (Assumingly) .50 calibre machine guns, this base defence can rip any infantry and light vehicle to shreds. Also comes with a comfortable chair and vodka (now shown since there is a glitch with the coloring).

If you would like me to make another Red Alert 3 model first, please state it in the comments. (Note: I can't model humans or "organic" stuff like the dolphin)

I am going to express this part very clearly.


Any kind of help would be appreciated right now. I don't care how good you are, just make sure you're willing to do something that helps this game. And to commit, I can't have people joining and quitting on me the next day

If you would like to join, please private message me first.

That's all for this update.

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