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Newest update, sorry for the lack of information. Lots has changed since the last update like a year ago. But, not dead! I've been working on designing the levels and gameplay; I should have some new screenshots coming up in a few weeks here.

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I basically rewrote the entire script; it was one of those things that when you were writing it you're like "OMG THIS IS ASUMZ TIMES INFINITY!!!!!" and then you put down for a bit and you're like "This is pure, idiotic, unadulterated crap." Anyway, I went a bit further with the storyline, and it should be a lot more interesting now.

I've also worked quite a lot on the level structuring and gameplay elements, and I've been working on figuring out porting from PC to console. I've redesigned the setting, basically planned out an entire city, and soon enough I'll be working on getting it built up like I want it to be.

Anyway, sorry about the lack of word from us! It's still going, we'll try and keep you up to date from now on!

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