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Just a quick update on why a news update on Alliance at War took so long to post.

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"If I was a T4-B driver I'd put on my favorite do-rag, turn up some music, and blast my way across the battlefield!" - Larry-3 commenting about the T4-B Heavy Tank

Grim Situation
I apologize for being gone so long guys, I've been so sick and frustrated. Like I was actually sick. If you don't really care why I took so long to post news then go on down to the next topic. Anyway, my week started out fine, in fact I met a girl named Brittany, cute Asian girl by herself at KFC. I was like this week isn't turning out so bad, I got a number from a pretty girl, and she didn't even mind the fact that I'm mellow type, she actually liked that about me so we hit it off. And the new update with Alliance at War is about to be released. I was thinking how life is sweet right now. Then two days later I started to get a headache and I didn't pay much attention to it, three hours later I'm vomiting like blah, the room is spinning, I'm still vomiting like blah, and my mother offered me food and I just... blah! My chest hurt, my neck hurt, my tummy hurt, my head hurt. By the time March 3rd got here I wasn't better, but I was a lot better then I was March 1st. I got out of bed just to post the update and the room was spinning and I was still in a little pain so I let it upload on my laptop then went back to bed, then a few hours later my phone started to go off because I was getting a lot of messages and comments from people saying it won't download, the download doesn't work, blah, blah, blah. I'm thinking to myself aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So I reach out from my bed just barely reaching my laptop, and redo the download. I re-put all the files together, I changed it to rar. format, again, and then re-uploaded it, again. After I went to sleep and, well, today I'm feeling better now.

What it has to offer
I really don't like saying what Alliance at War all has to offer because I want players to try it out before they make a decision on how they feel about it. For those of you who like to see changes I have changed a lot, for those of you who like to see new things I have added new stuff. Like my biggest Galactic Conquest has 75 planets, how many mods out there can say they added planets, let alone 20?

The reason why I encourage feedback on my mod is because it gives me insight on peoples views about Alliance at War. After all feedback can only help. :^)

Incomplete Update
You may have noticed that not everything I said has been added, don't worry they will be in the next update. One of the main reason why I posted this update is because I didn't want to keep you guys waiting all year.


Glad to hear you're feeling better.
Keep up the good work!

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Larry-3 Author

Thank's, Ts.

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