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An update on the current status of the Bonus Missions.

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I have been working on the Bonus Missions, & I am glad to inform you, that the Bonus Missions are almost ready! I have finished 4 of the 5 Bonus Missions. However, to finalize even those 4 finished Missions it will still require some of the more gentle work, which includes: environment sounds, repairing minor bugs, & replacing some textures. I will also try to make a little Video at the start of each mission, if my skills allow for it. Here is some info about the Bonus Missions:

Bonus Mission 1.
Go back to the time of the 2nd Chechen War! Fight a group of Islamic Terrorists, who ambushed an Allied convoy in the mountains of Chechnja.

Bonus Mission 2.
The Hunt
American forces tried to evacuate Georgian government officials to Istanbul. However, their ship was forced to dock in Sevastopol, due to damaged delivered by the Russian Airforce. Hunt down the Georgian politicians & their American protectors.

Bonus Mission 3.
1999, war is raging in Dagestan! Fight the Terrorists & rescue allied Prisoners of War.

Bonus Mission 4
Pre-Emptive Strike
The Americans are trying to attack the Soviet Empire from the rear, in Kazakhstan. Eliminate a Recon team, to avoid an invasion.

Bonus Mission 5
The Checkpoint
NATO forces march into Belarus. Fight behind enemy lines & cut the NATO soldiers of from their supplies.

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