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More news on items and menus, new artists, and where we're at.

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Hey guys,

So today's update is details on items and menus. Again, yes. But Marie and Gabriel are two new members who recently joined our team and we've made some big strides forward thanks to them. Marie has created new item sprites and is working to complete all items, while Gabriel is working on some new menus.

In other news, our Character Contest will be coming to a close this Saturday, on the 11th of April. So if you’re still hoping to get an entry in, be quick! At the moment, we’re up to 33 entries which is a lot more than we were expecting! Readers can find the contest journal here and the character entries gallery here. Send us an entry if you haven’t already!

Any readers interested in joining the Project Ark team and contributing toward the game, please don't hesitate to get in touch over at our site. Our readers can also subscribe and get a fortnightly newsletter with updates (and sometimes exclusive content), if our readers want to be kept up to speed via email rather than indiedb.

I hope you're all doing well!
- The Project Ark Team

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