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Because all good things come to an end. This will be the FINAL version of TSOP. I intend to make it go out with a BANG!

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I said before that i would not make another TSOP.... I LIED!

I am now working on TSOP 1.0. Which will be the FINAL version. TSOP will be updated to work with the latest (and more than likely final) patch updates of All versions of Sins of a Solar Empire. Including Rebellion, and the DLC's

TSOP 1.0 will include all of the fixes, and optimizations of version 0.07 plus..

(All Sins Versions) TSOP 1.0 will be updated to the latest versions of Sins, and all of its Expansions (Including Rebellion).

(All Sins Versions)
The User Interface is completely overhauled to use pure DDS format.

(All Sins Versions) Trade Ships, Strike Craft, Mines, and Constructor Unit Meshes, and Textures are now Optimized (helps with the late game lag issue).

(Entrenchment, and Diplomacy) Starbase Textures are optimized mimicking the Stardock vanilla Rebellion Optimizations.

(All Versions) Sounds, and Music are optimized.

(All Sins Versions) All TGA format Textures are replaced with DDS format, and TSOP "force" loads them. The only TGA textures that remain are the Mouse Cursers, and Scenario Pictures. This is due to hard code in the EXE.

(All Sins Versions) "Strategic Texture Reductions" for the Particles return using newer methods to create a better looking textures.

(Original Sins, and Entrenchment) Many Mesh Null issues, and various File Errors were corrected, and Unnecessary Text Entry's were removed in both the Mesh, and Particle files. Entry's pointing to Non Existent Textures in both the mesh, and particle files removed. See the various "Fixed Files" texts in the mods Read Me for details.

(Original Sins, and Entrenchment) The Diplomacy 1.3 graphic fix's have been incorporated into the Original Sins, and Entrenchment versions of TSOP (Pipeline Effects, "White Line" error fix, and Corrected Mesh files).

(Trinity) TSOP 1.0 for Trinity will see the return of Optimized Planets using the planet meshes from Rebellion! but with our Optimized Original Sins Textures!

Plus what other issues i find during the update process will be fixed.

I already finished the Original Sins, and Entrenchment versions of TSOP 1.0. I am currently in work on the Diplomacy, and Rebellion versions. Which shouldnt take long, because there really is not much left to optimize there, but it doesn't hurt to optimize them "just a little bit more" ;)

TSOP 0.07 is still hosted here, and it still works with the latest versions of Trinity (Original Sins, Entrenchment, and Diplomacy), but will not work with Rebellion. However if you use 0.07 you will be playing the game as if the game was patched to an older version of Sins.


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Any update for the Rebellion version?

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Well I just re-downloaded Sins and this mod, and while it's working some of the newer buttons and planet types are missing.
Any plans to add them? I'm fairly sure they're more or less done with the game at this point, heh.
It 'feels' like it's still working as intended though, albeit I may be deceiving myself.

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