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A singleplayer gameplay demo for Final Rush, a first person shooter, has just been uploaded.

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Please keep in mind, this alpha demo is now 5 months outdated, and does not reflect the current quality of the game in any area. It will be removed once we have a gameplay trailer of the new features.

A gameplay demo for Final Rush is now available. This demo has been released in order to draw attention to our freshly initiated GreenLight Campaign on Steam!

Final Rush - Greenlight Demo

Final Rush is a first person shooter for the PC, built using Unreal Engine 3.


Final Rush is a first person shooter that pits the players against a large number of bots. It can be played alone, or with up to 3 friends in cooperative multiplayer. Players fight against increasingly long waves of enemies, and their skill is rewarded with ingame points which the player spends on new weapons. After the match, based on performance, the player is given a payout of ingame Combat Credits, which is used to buy visual customization for their character.

We want to make Final Rush as big and as fun as we can manage, but that isn't always possible to do on the first go. What makes Final Rush different from most games is our promise to keep adding and improving the game as long as we have community support. We're going to keep adding new content to the game, and we're going to keep refining the existing content too. Final Rush isn't just a game... it's a service.

In the futuristic world of Final Rush, players take the role of highly trained Military Police with top of the line equipment, which infiltrate and resolve hostile situations. These hostile situations can range from corrupted robots in massive factory, to ancient experiments gone wrong in an underground super bunker.

Always outnumbered, these soldiers hold the line between civilization and destruction. They must take down their enemies with superior skill, tactics, and firepower, or risk being overwhelmed.


GREENLIGHT DEMO: (Available on,, and submitted to IndieDB)
The Final Rush GreenLight Demo contains the following content:

  • 1 Level - The demo contains 1 level for you to play on. The full release of the game will have several more.
  • Standoff Game Mode - Fight 14 waves of 4 different kinds of robots, with the 15 wave never ending.
  • 6 Primary Weapons - 3 starter weapons, and 3 direct upgrades. Three different kinds of weapons, three distinct play styles.

INITIAL GAME RELEASE: (Late Q1 - Early Q2 2013)
The full release of Final Rush will have the following:

  • Full Standoff Game Mode - Fend off infinite waves of vicious robots. There is no victory, only survival. Last as long as you can.
  • Combat Credits - Earn combat credits which increases your player rank, and allows you to permanently purchase customization for your character.
  • Character Customization - Players will be able to fully customize the armor of their character, with dozens of interchangeable parts, many with their own sub-customization options.
  • Combat Marks - Final Rush rewards players for exceptional(and sometimes not) feats, such as killing two enemies with one shot, or sacrificing yourself in a glorious final stand to take out the enemy
  • 4 Player Co-Op - The number of enemies scales to match the number of players; so whether you are fighting alone, or blasting bots with 3 of your friends, the game will be challenging without being overpowering.
  • Additional Content - Experimental Weapons, Additional Levels, and the Reactor Defense game mode.
  • Controller Support - Play the game with your favorite gaming controller!

If this project looks interesting to you, we would greatly appreciate telling your friends about us, and giving us a positive vote on Steam GreenLight.

-The Strike Games Team

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