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Author's Readme/Notes: CS:S Map: Bomb/Defuse name: de_port_afterSource final release author: [RЖB] Blade / RumpelBumpel clan: RumpelBumpel homepage: http:\\ contact:

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CounterStrike - afterSource

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beyond afterSource comes reality

Project CounterStrike afterSource

Hi dear CS:S-Gamer,
I didn´t work for so long on the final release of de_port_aftersource, but now it´s done

in a few days i´ll release the final version of de_port_aftersource


  • increase fps by...
    - making more lod´s
    - reorganize occlusion / hint textures

  • redesign of the light concept

    Here are some facts and figures about the map "de_port_afterSource" :

    A lot of high detailed new models (inclusive LOD´s)...
    new textures (including all normalmaps,partially specularmaps and detail-maps)
    but basically the same play expiry as it is known in the original map!

    In the screenshot gallery you can get some impressions of the map and selected models!

    If you want to get an idea of the realism and the game expiry, download and play the map!

    VERY IMPORTANT: You have to turn on the color correction in the option menu, under graphics. The map has a color correction entity, which brings up the real athmosphere!


    Special thanks to my Wingman Stubu, which spend a lot of time with testing the project!
    Further thanks to the whole rumpelbumpel-clan!

    Yours RumpelBumpel

    visit us at our homepage:

    Mod Project Sites:

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