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Today it is the day that we finally can release our 4th Half Life2 (ep2) single player mod called Final Project !

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Finally we have reached the release day of our 4th Half Life2 (ep2) single player mod Final Project. Right after we released our previous monster of a sp-mod called Strider Mountain I started working on a new small sp-mod called Final Horror.

It should only be big 4 maps max, but like always when i start mapping couldn't i stop anymore. So it grow into more and more maps and at the same time did the focus of the mod shift from horror in to a story driven mod. I thought it would be funny to make a mod about the mapper at work, a Mappers diary. All went well and we progressed from 4 maps in to 10 maps. But just before we could
release the mod did Valve release that one big Steam update that caused us all so many problems.
Many mods that where released over the years, and those that where still in development where corrupted in a big way.

A lot of our work was destroyed and it seemed we couldn't do anything about it, releasing as it was was no option anymore. The Steam update had corrupted a lot of things that we couldn't fix because we didn't know how. Valve didn't answer any mails, or explained anything. So all we could do was try to fix things ourselves, and look at the modding community to see if they had any answers.

It took weeks before we where able to start fixing issues, and from there on we needed a total of 6
months to make this mod work again. It was a very frustrating time and often did i want to stop and just trow the mod away. But we never did stop with a mod before, so this would not be the first time, the more so because we didn't cause the reason of stopping. We are glad we are now at this point that we finally can release the mod. Still, the mod doesn't look at all at what i had in mind. The story is not told like how i would have made it, but at the same time we are glad we can release it as it is.

It would have been a huge waste of time and effort to not release it. The mod is bug free and we hope it will give you around 10 hours of great game play.


In this rar you find a folder called;
don't extract this folder to you're sourcemods folder, but open the folder and in it you find the mods folder and a readme.txt. extract this one to youre sourcemods folder.

this counts only for this download link above, when you download the mod from the Download section of Moddb, then you extract the first folder in the rar right away to sourcemods.

Meraqel - - 385 comments

10 hours of gameplay? I can't wait any longer:P Give it to me :P

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gamefreak42 - - 644 comments


i got HL2 but it's a let down....

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Theon - - 712 comments

WTF?? Half Life 2 is a "let-down"!?
You're ******* sick!D:

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jjawinte - - 5,064 comments

Sacrilegious heretic !!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
stooe - - 810 comments

Karma rape for you dood! :D Half-life 2 is epic!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+9 votes
caspercool - - 244 comments

holy cow minus 48 karma! lolz i gave the 48th one :D

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ivenoidea - - 18 comments

-77 voting on that post^^ HL2 rules!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
56er - - 1,253 comments

he obviously spoke about the mod, not the game itself -.- Maybe you think before karma bashing...

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Icedecknight - - 974 comments

He Clearly needs to relearn Engwish then. =P

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,554 comments

Looking forward to this, Leon!

Will play this when I have time :>

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deagosane - - 90 comments

Suggestions: Needs better textures, and mapping. The lighting is way too bright for the horror parts, needs to be darker. Input your own models and voice acting.

If you did all that, it would be "a hell of a" mod.

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jjawinte - - 5,064 comments

Way to go men ! There's something to be said for being vigilant !

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps - - 2,910 comments

Am really glad we finally can show you this mod that we had so much trouble with due to that steam update.
And Deagosane, of course could we add even more custom made models then we already did. And that the spooky places should be darker, that is a matter of opinion. Personally i hate to dark maps, where you have to use you're flashlight all the time. Scary moments don't always need darkness.
But like always, its all a matter of taste, what is liked by some is not liked by others. All i could do is make these maps the best i knew, and that was possible with that one steam update, (don't forget, that update did destroy about 7 months of work!!!!
i am still am ****** about that, but, enough about that.


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Sharkz - - 131 comments

Just completed it, I'll be writing a review on it for soon, I must say it was both enjoyable and scary! I'll post the review ASAP

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Captain-Arse - - 467 comments

i quite enjoyed this. most of it was beautiful and i had an eargasm when i heard the AR2. ^^

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

At last the waited release ^-^
Downloading now, congratulations for the release!

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Armageddon104 - - 3,128 comments

Congrats man, I've been playing it for awhile, I think I'm almost done with the first chapter! :P This could take months to beat, but if the gameplay stays this good through the entire mod it'll be awesome.

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps - - 2,910 comments

I'm glad it is so well received by you all, although i don't think its fair to our mod that Gamefreak gives this mod a -10 just because he doesn't like HL2. You can't vote badly about a mod just because you don't like the game that was used to make the mod with, but ok....
And Sharkz, thanks for starting to write a review about this mod on youre site Would it be possible to let me know when you have written it, or better, i will mail/pm you and ask you do to so.
Am always interested to read reviews about mods that i made.


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No_Frags - - 108 comments

Final project?

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

congratulations :)
I have no time to play it atm, but I will surely do in future!

oh, and work on your video editing skills :P

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Anddos - - 390 comments

10 hours wow, thats like more than a retail game these days

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stooe - - 810 comments

Who says zombies are boring? Kick in the pants! This mod doesnt just rock your socks, it tears them off and catches them on fire! Awww Yeaah!

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JoshZemlinsky - - 348 comments

The mod is awesome, i really enjoyed it. But, i finished it in around 4 hours lol. It would seem odd to me if it took me 10 hours to play something trough. anyways, 9/10 :)

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56er - - 1,253 comments

Just played it and I was even more disappointe tahn with Strider Mountain. Maps are cool, but the whole first part with the cinematic add the beging was making little to none sense at all. Replacing the weapons with community made models isn't cool anyhow, if the new weapons don't differ. The maps were in some parts unclean, textures and lighning was mentioned above, and sometimes just really buggy. This was a let down and not HL2. Maybe you think before you bash someone.

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Sharkz - - 131 comments Reviewed. Thanks!

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps - - 2,910 comments

Thank you all for your comments, and thanks for the review Sharkz!

I know, i comment after 3 years, :(
But i forgot to look here at this mod of mine, i have so many sp-mods by now that it is hard to follow them all.

please check my profile if you want to play all the others,


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