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I have had several more bugs squashed in the game, and it is about ready to go. Unfortunately Episodes 2 and 3 are not complete, and will not be in the initial release.

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I have been trying to find time to finish up this mod, but with the college semester coming to a close, exams here (this week), I have had no time to work on the maps, or engine.

I managed to find time tonight to sit down and get rid of some pestering bugs, many of which won't effect Episode 1, but still should get out of the way.

I am trying to just finish up maps for Episodes 2 and 3, so the farther I get with them, the better. Ronwolf1705 has contributed to more than a half dozen maps in the game, which only appear in Episodes 2 and 3. (Be patient)

I will release the first Episode on Christmas, if any bugs are reported during my development I can fix them ASAP.

I will keep everyone informed to when I can get the last 2 Episodes out.

Until then, Merry Christmas

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