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I'd like to say thanks to all watchers and players of the mod, it is time for me to say that the project is now in its final form, i will not release any more updates here. But i have plans for other projects for JA in the future, details below.

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It seems that Jedi Academy is the only promising star wars game even nowadays that has the most modding capability for both lightsaber and gunning combat. So i finally started a real map in the GTK radiant, which is soon to be released.

Obscure Garrison SP map

After that i plan to do another campaign in the clone wars era with Anakin Skywalker as the protagonist, and another third mod from Kyle Katarn's older days.
Then my probably final project will be a huge mod based on Prince of Persia Warrior Within with new models, textures and gameplay.

These are my plans for now, keep playing this mod whenever you feel like :) Even that the project is in final form, i'll try to help if anyone has problems. Cheers!

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