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A news update for my Amnesia custom story "Final revelations".

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The final is finally finished.

The final includes:

- NPC conversations
- A conclusion to the story
- A final battle (kinda like a boss battle) with several obstacles and enemies to overcome.

What is left to do?

- Aftermatch map. Basicly how it looks like after the battle is over and the player is given the opportunity to escape the area.

- Make the endings + an epilouge. I have 3-4 endings in mind. The ending will look a little differently if the player managed to get a lot of morality points, or very few of them. There is a reason for it, and it will be explained when you play the story.

- Test my story from start to finish and fix glitches and other issues I might (and probably will) come across while doing so. Sadly, I always find something new to fix everytime I play, so this stage might take quite a long time, since the story takes hours to complete. I might ask someone to test it for me as well to make sure it works for other people as well.

When will it be out?

I will as usual not give out a date. This is because I don't like to work under stress and because I don't know how long it will take exactly. Not to mention that school takes up some of my time as well. I'm sure some of you wants to know, but it's better to not know when it's out than get a date and get disappointed because it doesn't get finished in time.



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