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The end is near. The features are in. The Beta is coming. Prepare for the Darkness!

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With the Beta now only a few days away, we’ve been hard at work getting the last features in. While there will still be a lot of post-beta polishing, tweaking, improving based on feedback, and porting to different platforms, the game is getting really close, and that’s very exciting! The development went on quite a bit longer than we were originally intending, but we wanted to flesh out the design and do it right.

New Features:

There have been a lot of minor changes and integration of new art and sound effects, but the two biggest new features are as follows:

  • Saving & Loading - This, like the auto-mapping, is an optional feature you can enable or disable at the start of each new game. While only being able to save and quit (rogue-like style) makes death a lot more impactful (as you can’t just load back to a previous save), we decided to make this a choice for the player - kind of like a difficulty setting. If you want the hardcore experience, you can turn maps and saving off, and if you want to play it more like an adventure game, that’s fine too.
    Save Game Feature
  • Tutorial - There are quite a number of controls compared to the original, so we either needed in game tooltips or a tutorial so that people could learn how to play. Since I didn’t want to detract from the experience and immersion with in game help, there is instead a short tutorial level. The tutorial level goes through the basics, and it even lets you “escape” - although escape in the tutorial is certainly not the accomplishment of escape in the actual game.
    The Tutorial

We’ll be posting another gameplay sneak peek video next week, and I’ll be contacting those who signed up for the Beta shortly. As of today I’ve closed the Beta form - we got a great response - thank you to everyone who signed up! Look forward to more updates - our goal is to update once per week until release!

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