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With over one year in development Final Fantasy Tactics: Rebirth has been released! FFT: Rebirth is a mod that rebalances Final Fantasy Tactics by adding a new class, rebalancing classes, altering items, improving monsters, and enhancing encounters. You can download the ISO version straight from ModDB if you are already familiar with emulation, or you can download a full packaged version with emulator from Nexus Studios.

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Gentlemen! The day has finally come! With over a year in production, Final Fantasy Tactics: Rebirth is now available for public download. FFT: Rebirth is a modification for the PSX game Final Fantasy Tactics. The mod features one new class, the Lunar Knight, rebalanced classes, altered characters, enhanced encounters, and a slew of item and monster changes. You can find a full list of features at the Nexus Studios Features Page.

There are two ways to download and play the mod. The first is for those of you already familiar with PSX or PSOne emulation. You can download an IMG file of the completed mod and load it into the emulator of your choice (typically ePSXe). The IMG only version of the mod is available from the ModDB Rebirth Page.

The second way to download and play the mod is for those people who have little to no knowledge of PSX or PSOne emulation. This version of the mod comes with IMG file already packaged with an emulator and all related files to load the IMG file. The mod also comes in a nice MSI installer to make installation relatively easy. You can download this version of the mod from the FFT: Rebirth mainpage. Here is a short tutorial video on setting up this version:

If you have more questions or would like more knowledge in general, the fine people at Fantasy Anime have set up a great tutorial and can answer emulation related questions. I have already spoken with the webmaster there so they will be prepared to help out.

If you would like to know more about modding FFT please head over to FF Hacktics, a Final Fantasy modding community. I have also spoken with personnel at this site and they are more than happy to give newcomers a warm welcome.

Finally I would like to say personally say thanks to everyone who has helped with the development and production of this mod. Here’s a short video of me expressing my thanks.

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