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The latest version of 1.3 is out! Featuring Death Knight, (Port of PSP WOTL Dark Knight, playable in the PS1 Version!), Mime buffs, Archer re-work, and tons more. Enjoy!

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Video Overview of 13036 Features


- Archer renamed to Marksman
- Archer's Charge Skillset renamed to Precision, and has the following Weapon Range skills:
- Timed Strike
- Stunning Strike
- Cursed Strike
- Mocking Strike
- Heartache Strike
- Temporal Strike
- These skills all fire twice with Two Swords and they use your equipped weapon's range
- Algus and Boss-Type Archer's job re-named to Elite Marksman (Autolearns all, better stats)
- Storyline Marksmen and Precision users had JP values adjusted for utility
- Mime now 7 Move 7 Jump, Reaction Ability = Counter. HP Growth weakened from 6 to 8.
- Mime Requirements down from 6 to 2 of every job except Samurai, Ninja, Calc, Bard, Dancer.
- New NPC Job Death Knight from WOTL added. One can join you and is fully playable. Find him!
- Dark Sword, Night Sword, Death Strike, Unholy Explosion
- All Katanas now have a 25% Chance for an Extra Attack
- All Sticks (Octagon Rod, Ivory Rod, etc) now add + 1 Move
- All Spears now add + 2 Jump
- Materia Blade icon changed (for the last time now!) to fit it's new type of Knight Sword
- Lancer's Jump down from 5 to 4 Base (original value) - 6 with Spear equipped
- Fixed a bunch of Monster Skills that mistakenly had Spell Quotes
- Undead versions of generic jobs re-named with a "Dark" prefix, such as Dark Wizard, etc.
- Squire's Beatdown damage raised from 40% to 60% Max HP. Impact art changed.
- Squire's Bull's Eye impact art changed to better represent it's effects.
- Summoners can now equip Sticks (Octagon Rod, Ivory Rod, etc)
- Added enemy Death Knights to some Chapter 4 Battles
- Balk 1 Samurais replaced by Death Knights
- Bervenia Hydra updated, more fun to fight
- Poeskas Lake Boss Behemoth immune to status, new job, massive buffs
- HORROR Impure King Twins are now using Great Morbol sprites
- END Arc Witch replaced by Kanbabrif

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I just saw the icon and I was like, "What? FFT on MODDB?!"

Great release, I look forward to playing it some time in the future!

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