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Short version: Hello everyone! The biggest news for this is that the final chapter is now half-way from being done! Although that doesn't mean the game will be fully playable when it's finished. More stuff is told in the full version of the news.

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Update 9/12/15

Hello! This is a good and small update so lets get right to it!

First, Probably the biggest news, The final chapter is now half-way done from being finished! Although, when the chapter is done, the game won't be fully completed. I will most likely update the game a couple times (Through the preview builds), then when I feel that it's fixed, that is when it will be done!

Second, The Soundtrack for Malfunction is 100% complete! Although for now, I don't have a source to download it, but will soon. The game will have 3 Soundtracks; One is completely all custom made music by me, the Second one is FREE music I found online, and the Third one will just be music I made that never made it to the game.

Even though it was not as big as it normally is, that is all the news I have for today. I'm still working really hard on the final chapter, and even though it may be half-way done, it still could take awhile, but hopefully not too long. Anyways, until the next update, have a good one!

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