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As if 2020 has gone even worse, I have very bad news for you all.

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Greetings, Protecates.

As if 2020 has gone even worse, I have very bad news for you all.

I have been experimenting with some changes with the upcoming version 2.0 of the mod over the course of 2020. However, due to engine limits, technical problems, other activities and a lack of manpower, I was forced to improvise. I have been looking for key personnel to help me do important things that I cannot do, like modifying the engine and advanced AI. In reality, it never happened, and never reached out to me at all.

Another factor that shifted me away from this mod is that I have been planning to make a new original game from scratch. Progress has been made, but it is still in pre-alpha stages. Besides, I am transitioning from a StarCraft modder to a rookie game developer. It does not mean I will no longer make mods, but my involvement in the StarCraft modding scene will be reduced to a minimum.

All StarCraft modders come and go because of these factors. Despite the new modding tools made like GPTP and Python Modding Suite, they were outdated, inflexible, unoptimized and unreliable that it wasn't enough to make big interesting modding ideas to StarCraft. It is hard to accept these limitations, but I have to move on.

The Central Independent Systems conversion mod is a mod that I tried to exceed expectations. It's goal and vision is to have a new faction, new units for existing races, fix some imbalances created by the SCBW meta, and even a create small campaign spanning 5 missions. I even made a special Seizure of Systems map for Maporino 2019. Initially, it was a great experience, but in the long term, a failure due to repetitive map design and gimmicky objectives. It doesn't matter to me. For me, it was the biggest StarCraft mod I have ever made, and I am happy to share your different experiences on playing this despite the many aforementioned problems.

I'm gonna make the final decision to this long-troubled project. It is sad to say that, just like all other SCBW mods, the development of the Central Independent Systems conversion mod will be ceased.

It is very disappointing hear this, but don't worry, I'm in a better job right now. The future of the StarCraft modding scene is uncertain, but for my future, I am just done with this project. I apologize for hearing what has come to this, but I am open to share your thoughts. I'm eternally grateful for your ongoing support, and I’ll keep you updated on any and all plans for the future of this mod.

- Razorback

Megacortex is shutting down.

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