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The Forgotten Ones is about to be launched, this time for real. Will you join us in a thrilling story rolling back a few decades when the whole world was at war?

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The Forgotten Ones, is finally in a good condition and uncertainty has been removed.
Right now the current build is completely stable ( code wise ) which is great!
I've myself spent hours fixing and pinching in the code, also adding some nice handy stuff along the way!

I'm now going through the maps and have some animation work left before this beast will be released, I apologize for the long and disappointing delays. I might have been quite an ass, however it's been hard finding the release date. I've been too excited to get it released, it's been a lot of work, too much for one day if you know what I mean.

I'm happy and proud so far and I'm sure you guys will like what you're going to be able to play in a few days, well hopefully. =)

Now let's round up some facts and conclusions of the coming release;

The Version:
This will be the follow-up version to the 2011 version, not saying this is a sequel but its based on the same concept tho this concept was never expressed in the shitty 2011 version anyways so you didn't miss anything anyways, heh. Version 2.0 is a full rebuild of the previous released "mess" and is completely different in every way.

The Concept:
Inspired by old classics such as Resident Evil 1, They Hunger & Silent Hill.
TFO is processed by exploring, finding clues, experiencing true horror.
In TFO I wanted not only to have creepy level design and npc's but also very immersive sound, the sound gives you a chill and you can always feel it in your spine. In this case even Pamela Andersson could scare you if she popped in unannounced.

The Gameplay:
In TFO you can carry maximum 5 weapons:
- One heavy firearm
- A light firearm
- A melee wep
- A grenade ( very rare )
- A light source
As well you can carry extra items which will go in your inventory, such as:
- Notes
- Maps
- Keys
- Parts
- Emblems
Notes can be found all around the maps, some are voiced, some are not. Depending on which character the note is related to! When browsing thru notes in the inventory you will be able to see the author for each note, some will be unknown and some will not.

The HUD:
I've tried to make the HUD simple and pretty, the left side shows your health and a sprint bar ( stamina ) and in the middle of the health circle you can see a healthkit, if this healthkit is green that simply means you have a healthkit and can use this whenever you wish!
Generally if you die you will be given a healthkit automatically since death is normally caused due to difficulty. Hopefully this will be enough help to make you progress further!

The right side shows your ammo and current bullets in each mag ( only firearms )

There's 16 weapons in TFO they range from guns to melee weapons.

TFO is about Grobuskna Vladinov, his family was murdered during the war, Grobuskna and his family was taken captive by Schienzel. Schienzel is a fiction of Josef Mengele, a strong similarity.
Grobuskna was spared to see his parents suffer.
Gregor, Schienzel's butler escaped with Grobuskna and ever since that time Grobuskna has wanted to bring vengeance on Schienzel.
The only problem is, he doesn't remember where Schienzel is located.

The mod starts in Grobuskna's hometown, a city strongly affected by the Cold War. The mod takes place during the 1960's. Tho throughout this mod the timestamp will vary and change as you get further into the mod!

Release Date:
Either 16 or 17 October 2013!

The Forgotten Ones will be big and will hopefully give you all something new and different. There's plenty to explore and enjoy, I hope you'll all give it a chance!

Peace and love!
See you on the release day!


Grobuskna's Car Final Render
Prepare your pair of pants
The Forgotten Ones v2.0 Upcoming!
Schienzel's Office

Release Trailer:


Can't wait! :D

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I don't mind the delays, take however long you like, I just want this to be good.

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thanks for the good news! :)

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I don't care how long it takes, to me most important is quality and that modders enjoy their work. Looks fantastic!

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looking forward to this one

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