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We will be talking about the size of Puzzled (download size)

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Hey! some small news bout puzzled here.

Mapbase by Blixibon (see on moddb here) has been implemented into Puzzled after much trial and error! I doubt all of it will be used in the making of Puzzled but I am quite fascinated by the new env_projectedtexture and env_instructor_hint entities. One downside of this is that now the entire Puzzled folder is 480MB's.

Very big compared to great source mods such as research and development (at least I remember research and development being smaller). I don't really know what to do to make it less size, I make the maps as optimized as possible, I don't use some 4k textures or super high poly models. But it does seem to be that it's probably coming from those materials/models folders. I don't know what to do but I will try to find out what to do. This could be over One Gigabyte. I hope that if this is the outcome, you guys will still download the mod.

Thanks for reading!


You hope we won't download the mod if it's over one gig?

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Wontairr Author

shoot, typo there! sorry for the misinformation!

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No problem! I'd definitely still download it even if it was over a gig.

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