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It's a disappointment when your group decides to get lazy. I suppose I can't exactly blame them, it's not an easy job, and since they're doing it unconditionally then they can quit any time they please. Some of our team have just up and left, got bored of it. I myself had loads of work to do with School, and couldn't do anything about it. So here we are now with myself and one or two other members of the team, not sure how to get ourselves out of this mess.

In lighter news, I'll be polishing up all the guns that I've already shown, as well as texturing more. Keep watching for more updates!

Lastly, we are 100% open to applications. Applications are open for:
3D Modelers
Level Designers

For applicants, both jobs require a portfolio of the work, knowledge of the applications required for them, and a passion for the Warhammer 40,000 universe is a big plus. Applications can be sent to:

Hope to see applications!

Thought for the Day: Obedience to the Emperor is never blind, for He sees on our behalf.


Aww man sorry to hear about that man! hope you get some new crew soon!

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I wish I could help with the level design, since that's what I want as a career, but I haven't had to time to learn those programs.

Sorry to hear about everyone just ditching the project.

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