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Over the last 2 months Kyra and I have been talking about a game that we plan to make called Fight Night. It's planned to be a multiplayer physics fighting game without limits to how badly you can kick each others ass. Im talking throwing through a wooden wall then back flipping into the most epic teabag ever. Pretty crazy, huh. Well, since we were talking about it so much I decided to create the character and give him (Or her, im not sexist) basic physics and balance. Read the post for more :D

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Hello everybody!

As some of you may know by now, My friend Kyra and I have come up with an idea (An idea that is being executed as you are reading this) for a multiplayer physics fighting game that takes elements of Parkour and Mixed martial arts to create an action packed brawler called... Fight night.

The game is centered around a character that doesn't know how to fight or do any cool tricks and stuff, but has the biggest damn balls that a mannequin can have. He (Or she, you get the choice when you start a new game) is not afraid to try anything. If you decide to (Attempt to) do a double spin kick to the face, go ahead. Its up to you to come up with how you're going to do that, though.

Think of this: You move around with WASD (Or if you're a nob, the Arrow keys) and jump with Space.
Then you decide to punch (With left or right mouse button depending on the arm you wish to punch with) while jumping and moving forwards. Hey, presto, you have a superman punch.

Now, I know this sounds awfully complicated if you want to, say, do a side flip kick and hit them in the throat, but it really is just about practice and becoming adept with using the keyboard like this. When you start the game, go ahead.. Knock yourself out. (That is, try do something cool, hit your head on the floor, and get your dumb ass into la-la land for a few moments).

At some point I'll make a post explaining basic controls that you can string together (With the correct timing, of course) to make some epic combos and tricks, but for now just bask in the heavenly light of this concept. (Bein' super arrogant and cocky here, I know)

There will be semi-destructible environments, allowing you to fulfill all of your dreams of smashing your best friends face through a table, or throwing some new player through a window and slowly crushing them with bits of the table you just owned your friend with. These will be realistic enough to give you a bit of a shudder when you finally break it, cause you can see how difficult it was for your character to do so.

Lets move on to Customization. A feature I've been working on recently is a small GUI that allows you to edit how your character looks. You can get a Mohawk, a lovely long mop of Emo hair, or anything else that I decide to implement (Please, give me suggestions of hairstyles that would look cool). You can also change the colors of your body parts, making every character (Well, if you decide to not use a preset) Unique. The presets will include pretty much anything you guys will suggest (But to be honest, I'll probably become for selective closer to the pre-alpha release date) but right now I have a Punk Rocker male preset, and an Emo male preset, and am working on an old man preset.

If you like this idea, please give me a few ideas on what I need to add to the game, I would really appreciate it, thanks. ^_^ (Just by the way, my profile picture is what the base unedited character looks like)

This has been Alex, the lead developer of Fight Night studios.

Enjoy your day, bye bye :D

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