They have changed, as we did. Some Baldur's Gate inspiration here.

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1) Some npcs have a pool of models/skins to appear with. For instance, playing on coast will result in you meeting combine soldiers in desert camo of 2 types. The skins are mostly visual, with some of them also providing additional accuracy or some damage resistance. Late-game metrocops will have several types of "enhanced" version (medium armor and accuracy) and very rarely you will face elite metrocops which are as deadly as combine elites (metro elites actually don't use ar2, but can compensate for that with their accuracy when using smg1 or shotgun).
2) The NPC now fire their weapon in a bursts with a periods depending on a range. Their accuracy is modified: for instance, a combine elite has better accuracy, than combine soldier. Yes, in vanilla game they had exactly same accuracy.
3) Some AI improvements. We're actually working on this.
4) You can damage allied npcs, non-vital ones. Doing so will result in others shoot at you, if you do this very much and/or this results in allied npc death. You can ruin your walkthrough by doing so...
5) The medics now provide you a Combat Medkit, which regenerates 2 hp per second for 30 secs, makes you take 25% damage less and spend 20% less stamina on your actions. Also your screen goes red and you hear those cool sound effects, which you can find...familiar.
Also other medkits don't heal you instantly too, the lesser one heals 4 hp/sec for 5 seconds, the big one heals 2 hp/sec for 50 seconds, but slows stamina regeneration rate. The lesser one is more effective in an active firefight. You are able to carry them (up to 3 big medkits and 5 small medkits) and use when you'll need it by pressing medkit button (to use big medkit just hold it for 1 sec)
6) Passive abilities
Some NPCs have them. For example, all zombies have 66% damage resistance for first 3 bullets that hit them (shotgun is your best friend). The headcrabs make zombies from people if attack them from behind (also can do this with the player character - instant death is guaranteed). Antlions take 25% less bullet damage if are not knocked on their back. Barnacles make you lose stamina when they choke you and if you lose it completely - you're dead (also they kill with one bite). Melee attacks will disorient player character, blurring the screen.

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