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As we march towards Alpha, more upgrades and tweaks will need to be done. We have a critical goal: to complete a gameplay video by next week’s update. We were contacted by the mods of to do a community spotlight post, and we want a quality video for it that accurately shows how Fictorum plays and feels.

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Thumpity Thump THUMP!

Before we get to the game updates, Chip and Greg had an impromptu snowman competition.

Greg’s Entry: An Ice Blast with extra stopping power:

Fictorum Frosty the Snowman

Chip’s Entry: A fatal delivery of holiday cheer.

Let us know who you think came up with the better snowman in the comments below! (Greg would like to make a note that he made his snowman for fun, and that not everything needs to be a competition).

New Spell

Chip worked on a new spell this week! There’s still a fair amount of lipstick that needs to go on this pig, but the GIF below gives you the general idea of how it will work in game.

Aegis/Sentinel Tower Improvements

Most notable of our various improvements is the upgrade to the Sentinels. If the inquisition arrives to a mountain before you do, they will enchant the Aegis Crystals to fire deadly magic upon sighting the Fictorum. The towers are not to be taken lightly…

Town Generation

Greg also made some changes to the town generator. The buildings are now capable of spawning significantly closer together.

Fictorum High Density Fall Town

Attribute Tweaking

Chip and Greg worked together to set realistic levels for player attributes. Previously, we had placeholder values that were all over the place and, now that we’re working our way to a gameplay video, we’ve started standardizing some values. As an example, the Fictorum used to have 5,000 health and could find items that gave 100 health—that’s not exactly noticeable. We’ve shrunk down the starting health to 100 and tweaked item bonuses and enemy damage around that.


Leif is busy this holiday season, but is still at work on those props.

Next week:

We have that one big goal: release a gameplay video with commentary. We only plan to be adding bits of polish to the game up until the day we record.

Talk to you next week! Weekly updates can come straight to you via our newsletter, and we have more fun stuff posted on Twitter and Facebook, so follow and like us on there. Or just track us here!

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