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Howdy mages—One more beta patch down! We’ve replaced all of our old destructible castles and towers with brand new ones. Additionally, the amulet slot has been changed to a pauldron slot, allowing for more dynamic characters.

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3-Minute Gameplay Video

We submitted for PAX West last week and needed a three minute video of unedited gameplay, so Chip put together this video introducing our game!

Fictorum 0.9.3 Beta

Major Change: New Destructible Castles and Towers

All of our levels have brand new castle assets, designed by our own Leif Drace.

Major Change: New Pauldrons Slot

We made the choice to replace all of our amulets with pauldrons. Seeing as how pauldrons actually appear on the character model, we thought this was a much more interesting way to do our itemization. If you have an existing character, your amulets will be changed to either a cloth or plate pauldron.

Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • The Grand Inquisitor is now much more challenging
  • Casting animations and transitions have been improved
  • Performance during destruction has been significantly improved—Be sure to turn off Fracture Low Priority Destructibles in the video settings
  • Killing the Grand Inquisitor a few seconds after dying will still count as a victory
  • Sell tooltips will always be shown on runes
  • The Blink ability will teleport the Fictorum into walls and floors much less frequently
  • The Frost Nova visual effect has been improved
  • Warlocks and Liches will hit themselves with their spells less frequently
  • Enemy magic will not be fired with a high arc
  • Feared enemies will move at a minimum 600 movement
  • Male townsfolk will properly get back up from a knockdown
  • Enemy spells will now create decals
  • Lightning Orb projectile collision has been reduced significantly
  • Tooltip for the end location on final chapter is now different
  • The fracture materials have been properly set for the blacksmith, town hall, and lumber mill
  • Fireball explosions will no longer attach to enemies
  • Verellus combat properly opens a level
  • Quest bars will no longer appear over the Inventory screen
  • Dash will now always follow controller direction
  • Logic has been added for the Seek rune to search for a new target if its current target is a destroyed aegis crystal
  • Hangium combat now loads the proper level
  • Spell cooldown is now rounded on spell tooltips
  • Enemy navigation has been improved on bridges
  • Torchlight effects and light will remain active when the character is further away
  • First person will no longer be forced when walking under trees
  • Enemies and townsfolk will no longer spawn on top of carts
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally force first person at the start of a level while playing in third person
  • In-house POV will properly stay in first person
  • Enemies will always aggro properly
  • All area spell emitters will scale for the area of effect
  • The player will no longer be able to use the Dash ability to clip through the world and into buildings
  • Fixed a bug that would show an unattached protect quest emitter in some levels
  • Starting location of a chapter will no longer be a store

Coming Weeks

Greg will be joining Chip in Seattle, therefore, we’re going to shift our developer Twitch stream to be on Monday, 5/22 at 8pm PT while he’s in town. We hope to see you then!

Talk to you next time! Updates can come straight to you by subscribing to our newsletter, hang out with us at /r/fictorum or Steam Community and we have more fun stuff posted on Twitter and Facebook, so follow and like us on there. Also, you can always just track us here!


Lovely video you have here. I'm looking forward to August now.

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