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After a long wait FHSW is back with 0.621! New faction: Netherlands +++ zoom feature +++ bug fixes +++ 2 new maps +++ 8 new vehicles.

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FHSW 0.621 released!

After a long wait FHSW is back with 0.621.

How to install?

This is a full release. If you’re new to FHSW please follow the instructions of this guide.

If you have a previous version of FHSW installed and only want to update to 0.621 use the installer linked here:

Change log

I’ve tried to translate most of the changes from the Japanese dev blog, I can’t guarantee that everything is correct. The source is linked at the bottom of this news.


  • zoom feature added: Pressing the “X” key while in a vehicle lets you zoom in. This has to be installed manually. Navigate to ../Battlefield 1942/Mods/FHSW/readme/ and copy the User.con from there to ../Battlefield 1942/Mods/BF1942/Settings/Profiles/[your profile]/Controls
    • tanks: only tanks that historically had magnifying optics get the zoom feature
    • aircrafts: zoom feature only enabled on planes with at least 30mm guns
    • ships: main guns on battleships can be zoomed in twice, other ships once
  • potential game crash removed which was related to removing land mines via wrench
  • added crosshairs to hand held AT weapons such as Panzerfaust
  • now shells with a caliber of 94 mm and above can penetrate walls and hurt infantry hiding behind, previously this applied only to shells with a caliber of at least 150 mm
  • added new effects when AP or HEAT shells penetrate a target to give better feedback to the player
  • bomb damage reduced when hitting objective mode targets
  • fixed a bug that caused artillery shell explosions to not show up when they were fired from out of view distance
  • improved FOV on some AA guns
  • fixed flak tower collision mesh
  • coop works again but it’s limited to maps and vehicles which were in the game before v0.5
  • added missing vehicles to repair points and death bubbles


  • The Dutch army from FHT has been added to FHSW, you can find it on the two new maps shown at the bottom.

United States

  • added F2A Buffalo: carrier aircraft which replaces some planes on the early Pacific maps for historical accuracy

  • fixed B25G parachute bombs which often destroyed your own plane
  • fixed 40mm Bofors hit marker
  • fixed an issue with the Atlanta-class cruiser torpedo launch which was assigned to the wrong mouse button
  • fixed the gun reload time on the Cleveland-class cruiser
  • added an indicator on the LST1 landing ship which lets you know how far the ramp has been lowered

Great Britain

  • added Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger: 17 pounder gun on a lengthened Cromwell chassis, about 250 were built and used near the end of the war.

  • added Achilles: Another tank with the 17 pounder gun, this one used the M10 chassis.

  • lowered A39 Tortoise reload time for the mortar
  • removed hull-mounted machine gun on the Sherman Firefly for historical accuracy


  • added HEAT shell for the short-barreled 7.5 cm gun which is used for example on the Panzer III N or Panzer IV D, it penetrates up to 160 mm of armor
  • added HEAT shell for the short-barreled 15 cm gun which is used on the Brummbär and Sturmpanther, it penetrates up to 300 mm of armor
  • moved damage smoke of the Jagdtiger “Entwurf II” to not obstruct the gunner’s view
  • doubled HP of the side guns on the P.1000 Ratte in response to the stronger UK tanks on this map
  • increased resolution of some shell icons
  • fixed the display of the reload time on the Nahverteidigungswaffe



  • adjusted Kawasaki Ki-100 maneuverability and speed
  • fixed too wide freelook camera angles on Mitsubishi J8M (Japanese Me 163 Komet)
  • added radar to more AA guns on ships

Soviet Union

  • added explosion effect to when IS tanks get destroyed
  • changed ZSU-37 gun sight


  • changed ARL-44’s gun from autoloader to manual reload for historical accuracy


  • adjusted gun elevation and depression of 7TP and 14TP based on historical data

New maps

  • FHT Conquest of Java 1942: Japanese landing operation launched against mostly Dutch troops.

  • FHT Siege of Zeeland 1940: German attack on the Dutch province of Zeeland.

FHSW 0.62 released!
FHSW 0.621 released!

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