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I'm here to explain why I haven't updated in a couple months.

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The last couple of months have been a mess of computer errors, hard drive reformats, backups, and piles of CDs. Looks like it wasn't the CD drive after all. The PC had been infected with a virus, one that lingered on both drives. (I kept on re-installing Windows, thinking of what might have gone wrong, and why rap music was playing in the background over and over, despite constant formatting.) Let's just say that I'm never trying HyperCam again.

I had to send the PC to a pro just to figure it out. He figured out that it kept installing the malware from the alternate drive every time, so he wiped the second hard drive. I'm not sure why it took him almost two months, but at least I backed up the files.

That means that I have my progress still saved and ready for use! So, I put in the file, and started up Loveless. It was there! I promise that I'll work on it even harder to make up for lost time, and I'll get out a full beta next month, for everyone to test and give feedback on.

Now, to answer a question I found very important.

Q: Does this mod change the story, or just text? (Scarwing, June 30, 2009)
A: No. The story will remain intact and unchanged, save for inconsistency errors.

And, some possible future questions.

Q: When is it coming out?
A: I hate to sound like 3D Realms, but it'll come out when it's done.

Q: There's another mod on ModDB called Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Edition, and it looks like the same thing!
A: It's actually completely different. Personally, I'm interested in it myself, and I'm probably going to try it when it's finished.

Q: Why won't FF7PC run for me?!
A: There are a lot of factors to consider.

  • Are you running compatibility mode?
  • Are you using a pirated/illegal copy?
  • Is it using AnimeVamp's Unofficial XP Patch?

Keep those minor and major details in mind, and you might even figure it out yourself.

Q: Is this for PC or Playstation?
A: If it was for PS, it'd be in the PS section.

Q: Can I contribute?
A: Why not? If you spotted any cases of "Engrish," any story holes through dialogue, any mispellings, or any grammatical error in the course of FF7PC, drop me a PM stating the area, character, and a quote so that I can look into it. Those who find something I didn't get into the FF7UE Development Group as a Dialogue Contributor, and also might get a little extra feature when the mod is released...

Hopefully, that will answer some big questions you may or may not have.

Wrapping things up, the mod is alive again. I promise you that you won't regret following this mod. Any other questions, ask me or _DiamonD_.

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