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About the release of the SEASMOD 3.5, a mappack and why it is not available yet.

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Some people are asking for the next Version, 3.5. It's not 3.4 cause this was a bugged beta. Well, if anyone really reads those news, that would be nice :) So, 3.5 is done, more or less, much things changed, some stayed the same and very much things were added. You ask: Why there isn't an installer for 3.5 then? There is! But not on moddb atm. The SEASMOD is a part of the CEP (CommunityExpansionPack) so we decided to integrate the SEASMOD in the CEP but maybe we will release the SEASMOD as a seperate mod too... Who knows? Anyway, I made a "Custom Build", that means i took the newest version from today, optimized it a bit and packed it in a installer. It is beta, and atm only people in the community can test it. When i finally persuade Kharg to let me upload it on Moddb, you guys can play it too. I made the installer mainly, because much people had problems with installing the mod in a zip and there was a bug with the CEP... anyway, I name some of the new features now:

There are now extra things for many heroes. For example, eusmilus riders or nice super dinos for every tribe. Also, there are 3 more heroes: Miyagi, a pirate king, enables for exaple the BIG PIRATE SHIP (yes the one from the campaign), Tarna, the amazon queen who gives the amazon temple and the trader who has ressource bonuses.

Items & Upgrades
The items now work for SEAS too. Also, they have Upgrades.

UI fixes
Much fixes. Better icons, thanks to MrMorgana, sounds for units and so.

But you can download a mappack:


Interesting. Where can I find this CEP? I'd love to finally have the SEASmod working.

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The CEP will be available soon, only the last bugfixing left :-)
BTW: why seasmod isn't working at you???

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