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FEUDUMS is at full throttle and so is transparent communication about our project - as promised. As you may have seen, we put our cards onto the table and released our Monetization Strategy for you to read and discuss. And, to assure you that you’re trusting an able company, we offered a refund policy on your Patreon pledges. And what’s coming next? We’re releasing a free Map Editor for FEUDUMS in the coming weeks - onto multiple platforms. Read on for full news and details!

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The current developer build of FEUDUMS running on a Macbook (left) and a Windows desktop (right)

Fellow Gamers,

FEUDUMS is at full throttle, and so is transparent communication about our project - as promised.
Let's see what happened and may happen in the very near future!

Read Our Monetization Strategy!

We’ve got several questions and a few concerns about what kind of monetization strategy we may follow with FEUDUMS. We’ve heard your voice and in the spirit of open communication, we published an article about FEUDUMS’ full Monetization Strategy for all of you to read, discuss or criticize. If you’re wondering why you might not have heard about this until now, unfortunately the article didn’t qualify for being featured on indieDB’s feeds and to make it worse, notifications were also buggy. But even so, we set a positive record, as we had the most feedback on our communication channels (such as twitter, facebook, email and indieDB) to this article so far; and even better, all of them were positive. So if you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, now it’s your turn! We can’t wait to hear your opinion about it.

Pledge Without Risks!

We also wanted to show you that we don’t want to put all risk on your shoulders. We understand that it’s a risky thing to back a project. It always is, and the Patreon platform might be also new to you. But to make things easier, we, as a registered company, are now implementing a refund policy. If we see that we can’t deliver the game, we send all the money back we received via Patreon. We now share the risk. Because, as you know, we are confident that we can deliver the game we’ve promised.

Prepare for a free Map Creator!

So, what should you expect in the coming weeks? A (free) Map Editor - the first interactive build from the engine that you can get on multiple platforms - desktops like Mac and Windows included. The Map Editor will sport some features of FEUDUMS’ engine and will be linked to your game account. And we know what you’re thinking:

“Does the Editor also come with follow-up contests and a chance to create official FEUDUMS maps for single-, multiplayer or MMO games?”

Well, fear not, worldsmiths... all in good time! :)splitter

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