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Some, yerr, things i have done in these bast weeks. Mongoose... Female marine... and much much more...

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So i was kinda busy i had a week off and even had time to work on Crylo, so lets get started.
Here is Mongoose, AAAH, the pain to get it work, but it is now working and very fun vehicle, i only need to edit the vehicle script a little, because i cant seem to find a balance between speed and suspension, what causes turning problems(vehicles turning makes it spin like a racecar).

Now here is the civilian evac ship on take off, this is fully scripted of course, made a cool scene on mission whe...wait, wait wait, i aint telling it now! :D
*Picture a little foggy, i know, fog was set to almost to minimum*

Female marine :P
When i saw them in reach i just couldn't say no to them, i took this picture in 3ds max, and shaders are on, so textures seem a little dark, you will see them when i have them fully rigged, i will make a video or a screenie.

Like with Mongoose with this i also had a bunch of troubles, messed with it for hours when i just gave up, and applied Warthogs helpers, and wheels, works atleast, i only need to make a special projectile what it shoots and a new vehicle script.

Human Anti Air craft Gun, and missile station.
Now, for the AA-Gun i will try to figure out how can i make different movements, like in Tank gun, pipe moves only up and down, and pipe holder circles, right now Cryengine has it all mounted in one place, whole mesh moves.

* missile pod in action, shooting down mutants cruiser, a little misplacement there, dont mind that :D*

Covenant Squad drop pod, picture is in 3ds max, i will, like with Female marine, make a video or a screenie when its ready with animations and will export it to the engine.

Crylo, alpha stage is now on, yes alpha, a lot of stuff has been made, plan to release alpha is when i will finish a mission, like u see that picture up there ^ where missile pod fires down a cruiser, a lot of things need to be changed, also a question:
The Focus rifle, 1 shot or make it like in reach, constant?
I have it in 1 shot sniper mode with nice Halo 4 sounds.
Anyway, have a good day!



There is some nice stuff in here.
And for the focus rifle, I say make it a constant stream like in Reach. I prefer it the other way, but that would be more like a beam rifle. Which is a different weapon.

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after discovering it's pretty much impossible to play Halo CE in 16:9 and have a proper FOV, I want to play this mod even more

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