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This is an online questionnaire for those waiting for the upcoming Arena Based Shooter called Obelisk Arena, this is for research purposes and to help create a video game that you will like.

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Please give us a little of your time to comment your answers for this questionnaire, it will help make Obelisk Arena a better game for you.

Question 1: How old are you?

Question 2: Should vehicles be added into Obelisk Arena

Question 3: How do you want the characters to look?

Question 4: Would you like to see aliens and cybernetic characters?

Question 5: How many player count do you want a multiplayer session to hold?

Question 6: Do you want to see alot of gore and profane language?

Question 7: Do you want Obelisk Arena to look like a cartoon, realistic or suitable for any computer?

Question 8: Do you want to see a Campaign mode with cinematics based on the Obelisk League?

Question 9: What kind of weapons do you wish to see in Obelisk Arena?

Question 10: If Obelisk Arena gets popular after release, would you like to see a sequel?

Thank you for taking this questionnaire and we'll look forward to reviewing your answers.
What this Questionnaire is for is to establish a target audience and understanding what you want to see in this upcoming video game.
The features that will remain is the retro style gameplay feel, no killstreaks, no perks, no weapon attachments, no class and no level up. This game is straight up late 1990 style action but we need the help of the community define what should be in the game to entertain you.


Q1: 19

Q2: Sure

Q3: Characters should be reminisent of older multiplayer pc shooters like Unreal Gold or Quake.

Q4: Yes :3

Q5: 10-20 sounds good. idk.

Q6: I like me some gibs, don't really care about the foul language.

Q7: Suitable for any computer.

Q8: idk.

Q9: Big powerful guns. bullets, electic, plasma, fire, sharp objects, explosions ect.

Q10: maybe a couple years yes.

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1: 21
2: Could work. But if you want something like Quake 3 you will need to sacrifice vehicles.
3. Depends on the chosen theme, it could be anything. But the most easily distinuishable character design for these games is like in Quake and Unreal, which is sci-fi.
4: Yes...
5. Depends on the map really. I think about 20 would be fine.
6. Yes!
7. Realistic (to an extent) but suitable for any computer. Maybe Doom 64 style?
8. No. But rather a Doom and Quake 1 type campaign.
9. Lots, varied and useful, big and small. Like in Quake 1 and Doom.
10. Absolutely.

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1. 19
2. Of course,it would be awesome just like Unreal franchise
3. Over the top character design like Unreal
4. Absolutely
5. 12 would be fine
6. Yes,i love game that has gore. Profanity is acceptable too.
7. Realistic
8. Maybe. Tribes Vengeance done campaign nicely.
9. Unreal mix with Serious Sam type of weapon
10. Of course

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Although i should not be in these sort of places at all with metal and stuff this game proposal caught my attention

I started my first FPS games with Quake 3 Arena and although really creepy and violent and such i always liked that style , that is until Unreal Tournament the first came out which i don't consider superior neither inferior but certainly different and a new addition to the FPS arena games.I played both Quake 3 Arena and UT 1 for years and little else showed up in the FPS area like them

So , yeah , i am interested in this game.It sounds like a good idea and if you guys gonna pull it off the way you say ( at least more than half of what you say ) it's gonna be good really.I really miss a fast paced arena FPS where i can burn both fury and enemies alike in my bad days...

Okay now for the questionnaire

1.27 Duh !

2.Yes but separately in a Warfare/Onslaught style akin to Unreal Tournament 2004.Sure i'd want them but i won't be ****** if you guys won't bring vehicular warfare into Obelisk Arena

3.As detailed as possible.Even more i'd like a bit of character customization IF possible , at least colors and such but whatever this is not that important if you do it or not

4.Definitely.And why not ? Bring some fantasy characters too , characters from movies , other games or an imitation of them at least would be really cool.I remember filling up my Unreal Tournament 2004 with tons of custom models , skins and voice packs ending up having : Serious Sam , Duke Nukem , Terminator , Predator , Darth Vader and others in the same arena fighting.It was a blast. It's a lot to say here but if Obelisk Arena will be moddable many things can happen.

5.Don't know.A limit of 16 , 32 even.The more people the better and you know better than me that you'd want the game to be filled all the time with people playing on its servers if you want it a success

6.Very much.I hate games nowadays that lack any adult , hardcore stuff.You can even put porno in it i wouldn't mind it.And a lot of cussing please , offensive swearing and death threats or dark humor.I used to know all UT 1 taunts and using them in real life with my friends even.UT 1 really helped me cuss better.As for blood and gore i'd sure love the most realistic simulation of it.Think something along the lines of Killing Floor 1 or 2.It would be a blast.

7.I'm a graphics ***** and proud of it.Please current gen if not next gen graphics at least DX 11 if not DX 12 ready too with all the goods that turn me on : Ambient Occlusion ( HBAO , HDAO or any of its variants ) , Screen Space Reflections , Motion Blur , DOF , any AA technique you want but SMAA or TAA would be a good idea and of course Ultra settings for everything there.Sure the game should be optimized to run on any medium to even low end PC but it should also do justice to high end beasts.

8.That would be really cool but you can make the arena MP game's part first and then do that so we can fight on there until we wait for the campaign.

9.Whatever you want but pretty please with a cherry on top add a plasma based weapon.Since Q3A i haven't met any memorable plasma weapon in games.Ah and something with rotary throwing blades like the Ripper of UT 1.If possible add melee weapons too in place of the weapon you start with first like : a kickass maul , an axe , a chainsaw etc. Bonus kills if you frag with these too of course

10.Way premature to say anything about this when the first isn't yet released but sure i do wish you success.

So , i will vote , support and follow this but i'd sure love a screenshot or anything early in progress to get an idea of what you wanna do better

My best wishes for this and i hope it's gonna be an actual game one day

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