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February update, plus a newspost about Lambda Core's release

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Well, it took longer than expected... again... but BMSC Lambda Core is now live! It can be found on the Workshop HERE. The full version upload on the Workshop has also been updated to include LC. There are a few rough edges, particularly with NPC behaviours, but I'm quite happy with how the chapter turned out. If there are any bugs, please report them in the Workshop submission's discussions section.

For the time being, I'm likely going to take a bit of a break to relax and recollect myself. I know I said that with FAF as well, but I mean it this time. Really. ...Don't look at me like that!

That brings the Earthbound chapters to a close, for now. There are definitely going to be some touch-ups to them in the future, but for now - I hope you enjoy playing through the complete BMSC Earthbound experience! I'll see if I can write a more extensive post at some point in the future, but for now, this'll do.

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