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Update on Space Time, New screenshots and Ambient music needed.

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The Earth to the Moon level which takes around 9 hours in real time to complete(Similar to its desert bus counterpart) is completed and working. The Earth to Mars level however had some game breaking bugs. It was a bit ambitious to make a level which would run for 30days/1month in real time. I realise very few people would actually attempt to finish the level but for one developer it would take way to long in just testing alone to iron out the bugs. The problems I was facing were only little ones but when the run time of a level is 30 days a little bug or a slight problem with syncing will spiral out of control and make the whole thing unplayable. The last thing I want to do is have people play the level for 30 days only for it to crash or bug out at the end. Unfortunately I don't have the time nor the talent to fix these issues, so the 30 day Mars level will have to be removed.

After deciding to make a video game all by myself I understood there are some things which I simply won't be able to do. After spending all of last month attempting to make ambient music I have come to the realisation that I have very little musical talent. That being said I'm making an open invitation for anyone with musical talent who can make ambient music or has made ambient music to send me a message through IndieDB. The type of music has to be space themed and peaceful. Something a person could listen to for 9 hours and not drive them insane. I'm looking for around 5 to 10 tracks which would feature the name of the song and the artist in the game and in the games credits. As for payment for the work it would be free at the moment, although I'm thinking of doing a kickstarter or Indiegogo which would mean you would be paid for your work.

The kickstarter or indiegogo would be done for a few reasons. To pay for musicians, raise awareness of the game and to increase the charity percentage. I will explain more of this when I reach that stage.

Thank you for reading

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