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A look at our February progress: awesome bosses, crafting, partying, PvP events, dungeon traps, and more!

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One of the many companion NPCs that you can take with you
during dungeon runs, Namarre! A head priestess and a healer.

February was a great month for Severed development! In the post I'll outline the majority things we worked on.

- Bosses: Dragon / King Jelly / Big Jelly / Easter Bunny

- Mapped various areas, including a crystal cave dungeon and a holy town (Brighthold)

- Crafting is finished. Our recent post explains how it works. Finished items are a mystery until you complete the recipe, so the goal there is to make collecting fun in the sense that you don't know what you're getting until the end, motivating you to collect the materials in the dungeons etc to discover. I'm still a bit iffy on this approach though.

- Partying, including friendly fire, loot share, etc. Cutscenes can also move large parties at once intelligently and instance particular cutscene events per player. For example, Pluck coming out to talk would always happen in the perspective of the player. This helps keep the player drawn into the action and feel as if it centres around them!

- A handful of dungeon traps/obstacles. The trap system itself works dynamically and intelligently to potentially allow for complex and flashy mechanical sequences (ie, pressing a pressure plate and triggering a bunch of boulders rolling down a hallway continuously). Traps work on a "signal" system with different nodes manipulating signals in different ways.

- Dozens of quests (most with unique mechanics, rarely kill x)

- PvP Tower Capturing (guild event). There are four towers on the map that become contestable at a scheduled time (will be shown in the guild page), and a death match takes place between the guilds in that area, with a limit on how many members of each guild can join (you can join if a team mate dates). Participants respawn outside of the area if they die and the killer gains a +1 for their guid. You can view a scoreboard throughout the event that shows which guild is in the lead. The guild with the most kills at the end captures the tower, which grants a passive stat bonus to their guild if within a certain distance of their acquired territory. We need to polish it with some glitz and add allied NPCs that change depending on who is in control and then we're good.We'll be adding a MOBA-styled event next that isn't a timed world one but something players can hop into via the battlegrounds (a PvP event area acquired mid-level).Defense tower that casts projectiles and spawns minions Team core that the enemy intends to destroy as a win condition (Both would have 2x resolution in-game)

- Chat!

- Various bug fixes / clean ups

- Reworking our sprite importer to the improved base sprite (We added more frames to movement, a damage/impact state, improved swing and added stab). We can instantly import head gear (inc. hair), weapons, and clothing from a .png format to .dmi now.

This month our focus will most likely be:

- Prioritizing the storyline / quest content most of all
- MOBA-styled event
- Add the remainder of the spells
- Add new enemies / bosses
- Add more dungeon traps / mechanics
- Complete at least new three dungeons
- Class system/menu ('s going to look good!) and class spells
- Aesthetic polish (impact/slash effects, quest NPC indicator, party member indicator)
- A mini-map

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