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Some news about what's been going on with the game.

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Okay so I haven't posted anything new for a while because I've been mainly tweaking the first levels which isn't really news-worthy in my opinion.

However, past few weeks have been really interesting for the game.

First of all: Due to weird bug with FPSC, I lost all the data of the first two levels of the game, meaning that I've pretty much had to start the levels from scratch. I have completely re-done the first level now and second is next in line. The results are far better than before; much more detail without degreasing the framerate.

Secondly: The first two firearms of the game are now broadly ready. Some tweaks and iron-sights are still to be made but we are getting there.

In other trivial news, thanks to the latest update of the engine, I was able to build the old version of Vague (started somewhere in 2006). 40 levels with no errors in one beautiful package. The game, however isn't really my best work to say it nicely. What I did find interesting with the old game was that what kept me playing the game all the way to the end was the varying environments. Something I'll make sure to do with the new Vague.

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