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I didn't post it for a long time, because there wasn't much new to make news out of it. However, I am preparing something very interesting. Read more in the full news

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Since the first demo didn't quite fire as I expected. And some people on the Boloxed channel accused the mod of cheap forgery of wolfenstein. But as the best character of one animated series Squidward said, "Every jellyfish is a critic."

In any case, I still corrected myself and greatly updated the locations of both the castle and the headquarters, you saw the news about this earlier

And so and now about the main thing. Demo 2, which is being prepared in full, will be not just as it was with report one UE earlier, but completely new locations from the middle of the game to which we will come in the main game. This demo will be even more of an independent story. I'll give you the details when the time comes

in the meantime, enjoy the new enemy models:

1.Bio-soldier, hardy armed with MP 44, also a new gun came into our hands.

20220205222503 1

20220205222520 1

On the face of such a soldier you can see scars as well as red eyes

2.elite SS soldier, armed with MP 44, just as strong and angry

20220205222523 1

3.An ordinary German armed with an MP40 from the SS differs not only in weapons but also in shape, otherwise the details on the body are the same. Both have a knife, a pistol and other small things in their arsenal

20220205223408 1


The office of Field Marshal Wilhelm Von Leeb. About why it's so cramped and why the table here is so, as Sheldon would say, "This table is too bronkenbrsky." You will read about the reasons for this in his diary, which he hides in his office. Surprisingly, there are a lot of places in this castle. Whoever designed this castle was either a madman or a genius.

20220205223428 1

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