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Hey survivors, Here goes a new update and a new pre-alpha version. This month we were focused in delivering some new systems that are core to our surviving experience:

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New Control System:

You can now try the new action controls.
We fixed some of the big issues we had with controls. Moving the camera and character now feels a lot more natural, you can run in any direction while focusing in any other point. Another big improvement are the swimming controls you can now swim directly to were you point using the right mouse button.

New Stats:

The stats changed a good bit:
We removed thirst now you only have hunger! This will give more freedom to eat what you want and it will be easier to do the mutation set you want.
Stamina has a more important role in what you can and can not do. Be careful not to run out of stamina when you're confronting a panther!


Crafting Place-able Items:

For the first time in Shrooms you can craft something that exists permanently in the world. For now you can only build a fireplace placing some twigs together and doing the mini game. This is the basis for dozen other items: from chests to crafting tables and even furniture you'll be able to create a place were you can call home. Preparing for bigger greater things this is just the beginning of you base creation, and of one of the main features of the game the co-op crafting, more on this soon.

New Animal / Animal Loot:

There is a new animal in the desert and we call him Pantu!


This hybrid of Tatu and Pangolin will make you work for a nice piece of meat! The Pantu introduces the lower tier of hunting, this harmless animal will give you the first animal loot that will eventually "unlock" the hunting crafting tree. At this moment we don't have the final crafting system in the game so for now you can kill it, pick it up and eat it!
I know he's a cute little bugger but he does satiate you hunger and give you a boost to a redhead mutation.. =P


In this new version you'll now finally feel the silentest killer of Shrooms: Temperature!
You'll have to watch out for cold and heat when in harsh environments.

For now be careful in the desert because your temperature will rise and and you'll have a heat stroke and die of fever; and when you're in the top of the mountain or in the bottom of the water, there your temperature will start to slowly decrease until your body freezes and shuts down!
Temperatures will introduce one of the biggest challenges to surviving in Shrooms. This will even more important when we add the crafting of cloths and the building of houses to the game. And it will be even more powerful when the Day&Night; cycle starts to change your priorities.
Temperature will be the creeping danger that will cull the unprepared and be a boon to the diligent. Survival of the fittest!


I hope you like the new effects the heat waves in the desert, the cold fog in the top of the mountain, the feeling of being frozen to death, and singing "The cold never bother me any way!!" =D
We have big plans for this next month and we'll be doing tons of new visual updates, while we're coming closer and closer to a Beta.

Shoot us any questions you may have and remember to Like, Share, Comment this Dev Log. Sharing is caring!

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