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Hi everyone! Thank you all for your support. We would like to give you a small update from our team.

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Howdy all! Before we get started, we’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support shown on our platforms (Moddb, Reddit, Discord etc.) over the past few weeks, especially after the last blog. It’s amazing to see how many people are just as excited as we are for the mod! Otherwise, here’s what we’ve got to show you so far.

Coding & Programming
While programming might not be so visually appealing, it’s still an essential part of the mod. Currently, the programming team is working on implementing the character creation process, which is being spearheaded by the Historical Research Team to give the player a wide range of backgrounds to choose from (all historically accurate!).

Level Design & Scenery
You may have seen the progress our Level Design team has been making with the campaign map; that isn’t the only thing they’ve been working on! Aside from the map, they’ve been working hard at creating some scenery using assets from the 3D team.

Mountain Temple 1

Mountain Temple 2

Mountain Temple 3

Mountain Temple 4

Mountain Temple 5

Mountain Temple 6

A message from the project manager Glue:

As always, we’re looking for developers who can contribute to the project. Currently, we need hands in the following teams: Programming, Level Design, 2D and 3D (programmers, level designers, sceners, concept artists, 3D modelers/generalists, and human animators). This however only reflects a part of our team, and we’ll be opening applications for other teams as circumstances change over the next few months. If you want to receive updates on this, you may want to join the Discord (link at the end) to get the latest news from us. Otherwise, thanks for reading!

If interested in applying, you will need to join the Discord and follow the instructions in #dev-applications.

We have provided some requirements for the 2D and 3D teams below. These are not set in stone, but are an indicator of what we’d like - all applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

General requirements:
- Commitment to the project and tasks assigned to them.
- A pre is experience with Discord, Trello, Google Drive, etc...
- Communication is key; keep your fellow devs up to date with whatever is relevant.
- Motivation and enthusiasm for the project.

2D requirements:
- Is knowledgeable in the field of art (which includes shapes, lighting, shading, proper composition, character posing, anatomy, depth, values, etc.) and is capable of applying them to their work.
- Character and/or environmental concepting.
- the ability to "adapt" and apply their skills into a different air style environment to the best of their ability.
- Mostly digital, has at least a tablet and a program to sketch and compose. (Photoshop, Coral Painter and so on)
- Capable of working with historical references provided by the other departments.

3D requirements:
- A somewhat established workflow or pipeline, the capability of problem-solving during a phase within the workflow.
- Has knowledge in limb topology and knows how to apply them. (mostly for character-related meshes)
- Retopology for character-related meshes, items and props.
- Capable of UV Unwrapping and texturing models.
- Has some knowledge within the field of arts as well. (proper anatomy, shapes, lighting, composition, rendering. etc)

For inquiries regarding the project, please send them to @glue#4012 on the server.

Link to our Discord:
Link to our Youtube channel: Shokuhō Youtube channel
Link to our Taleworlds Forum page: Shokuhō Taleworlds forum


Amazing progress, keep it up! Hope you get the developers you need.

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Great job with your progress. Also stunningly beautiful screenshots!

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looking really good

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Looks dope

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Good job. Keep up the good work. I look forward to enjoying it

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Do you guys have a rough release date, it's fine if not I am just very excited!

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TheOfficialMG Author

Hi Lewis! Ideally, we’d like to release a basic playable version within a year, and then go from there. Keep in mind we’re still working with the beta modding tools, and development is dependent on many factors. Regardless, we’re still working on it every day!

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