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It's been a while since i've updated, there havent been many big developments and weaponry-wise, the mod is nearly set.

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I've had to re evaluate this mod, and retype this news so many times for some reason, i've evaluated the perks, the weapons, the entire mod itself made space for all the features im trying to add, and even though we edge closer to an alpha, it's still pretty far away, I haven't updated you guys in a while, so here's the biggest development at the moment:

~So this mod is based on a video i'm pretty sure i've shown you guys and mid way through sorting all the weapons, and I realised in the top 5 snipers list, it included no semi automatic snipers, the Barrett .50 was the closest to the top 5 in the sniper list.

~At the moment i'm trying to balance out perks, guns, etc, but it isn't as easy at it sounds, considering all these guns originate in very diverse games, but in the end, everything should be all right.


It isgood you are getting rid off semi auto snipers.

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akuma2099 Author

I never said I was getting rid of them, I simply mentioned that the top 5 favoured snipers didn't include semi auto, and that wouldn't do simply because there're a lot of people who I know definitely like semi-auto snipers, therefore, there're probably going to be 1 or 2 semi auto snipers

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