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This is the list of changes done recently. I'll try to update this list as often as possible.

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I will try to update this list as often as possible:
18.December 2010
- Added some new armours for mini factions and other. Check it out here!
17.December 2010 - New armours for the Order of the Teutonic Knights and Baltic Tribes.
17.December 2010 - Added some new shields. Check it out here!
17.December 2010 - Added some new helmets. Check it out here!
17.December 2010 - It's Expert2741's birthday!
12.December 2010 - Added some monasteries on the map.
12.December 2010 - Name of our mod: "The Battle for the Livonia"
11.December 2010 - Added many new weapons.
04.November 2010 - Working on new quests, the biggest quest will be called "The Last Relic". Click here for more info.
31.October 2010 - Added Enlistment Kit which allows you to join any Lords army.
30.October 2010 - Added Duel Kit which is our 50th feature. It's similar to Customizable Sparring Matches but duels takes place in Arena not in Training Ground.
28.October 2010 - Added Fort Kit.
28.October 2010 - Added new manhunter parties on sea and Order of Preachers parties near Reval.
23.October 2010 - Working on many new parties and troops.
24.September 2010 - Faction Patrols.
20.September 2010 - Upgrade troops faster.
18.September 2010 - Working on new features.
29. August 2010 - New companions and dialogs.
29. August 2010 - New kingdom pretenders and dialogs.
27. August 2010 - New map 99%.
20. August 2010 - Hunting implented.
20. August 2010 - New health bar and smaller crosshair (click here for more information).
27. July 2010 - Baltic tribes troop tree done.
27. July 2010
- Teutonic troop tree done.
26. July 2010 -
Added More Metal Sound Mod.
26. July 2010 - All new factions.
25. July 2010 - Added 41st feature - Sea Battles.
17. July 2010 - Added new feature - Working in the Salt Mine + Slave Labor .
15. July 2010 - Working on new helmets, armours, weapons, shields and horses.

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