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We finally got a plan of what we are doing. this shows what the percentage of stuff we have done is.

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Believe it or not I am thinking of some features for the mod.
-New weapons 5%
-New Maps 10%
-Story 10%
-Skins 10%
-Models 10%
-Other 20%

This mod as you can tell is going very slowly but it is still going.

Also I have clean off some Pictures and one shows a skin we no longer have.
Say what you may I don't think you can find that pistol on Fpsbanana.
I will supply images of models, skins, maps, and all that jazz.

When it is done it will something like smod but I am not copying smod.
For other I have

-Bullet time 50%
-Npcs 0%

There will be more later when I think of some stuff that I can do for it.

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