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Some info on upcoming updates to the features area.

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I apologise in advance for the huge wall of text.

So, as developers we receive a lot of feedback from the community about our work, and what you guys want to see in future updates, and lately I've been working on some ideas in relation to community developed games and entertainment, and I want to start trialing some of those ideas with this mod.

As a lot of you would know there hasn't been a lot of updates as of late due to developers having commitments and not a lot of time to work on the mod and we find ourselves spending what little time we have focusing on things like mechanics and game play which we can't really show you a lot of, stuff like patching up the AI so when we get beta even if the game doesn't look amazing you can at least play skirmishes if we don't have online play working properly.

So my idea comes down to this, over the next week or so I'll be updating the features section of this page to include things such as commander and tech trees, and possibly individual pages for units as well, depending on how busy I get (I'm going away for christmas and the computer I'll have with me can setup models etc ready for import and stuff around with the build but can't do the actual importing due to some issues with setup. Plus I'll probably be drunk most of the time.).

So these pages will include the following.
1. An image of the unit/ability itself, if applicable.
2. The name of the unit/ability/tree, and a basic description of what it does.
3. Icons related to the unit/ability/tree such as portrait etc.
4. For units, any abilities they have.
5. Cost ratings and effectiveness. (e.g manpower/fuel/munitions costs from 1-5, and health/armor/weaponry rating(for each target type) from 1-5)
6. Anything else I think of that I've forgotten here.

So basically we end up with almost a dossier for each addition we make to the game.

So now for the community involvement, obviously for those who have seen the video updates for November (IJA video now on that news post, check it out) we don't have a lot in the way of 2D textures to use for icons.

So the plan is this, we'll post what we have, and for those members of the community that happen to have a knack for 2D art (as some have already approached me) can assist if you so desire with creating icons if needed and for those who are particularly history savvy, you have the opportunity to point out any flaws in our effectiveness systems etc (if we happen to have the HaGo overly effective against vehicles for example).

TL:DR - Check November videos update, new IJA video there. New feature pages coming.



Sounds great, that's a really good idea. :)

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You started 6 times with "so". For what, announce an update? Come on guys, this thing is dead as a ham.

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If it was dead he would say it was you dumbarse.

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