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We list some of the things that this custom campaign mod will feature (such as remodeled weapons for Cry of Fear).

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Due to the fact that we never fully discussed what this mod will feature in terms of content unique to this mod, we will do so now. Alone - Cry of Fear Mod will have:

  1. - Professionally recorded voice acting
  2. - Remodeled weapons with custom sounds and animations
  3. - Remapped versions of Saxon Avenue and the Stockholm Subway
  4. - A re-hash of the train riding sequence from Cry of Fear, where we changed the enemy encounters on the train and the items found on it
  5. - An environment completely new to the Cry of Fear storyline that has a lot to do with (our vision of) Simon's past
  6. - Suicide maps (with both a singleplayer and multiplayer version of each) that will be released at some point after the Custom Campaign is finished and released

Please note that the remodeled weapons are NOT modeled by us, but by multiple people outside of our production group. All credit for modeling them go to them (and their affiliates). The .ZIP files for these remodeled weapons can be found at the following links.
Cry-of-fear.comSome of the models are borrowed from the Nostalgia custom campaign. Here's that: Moddb.comSince the Russian Weapons Pack is no longer on ModDB, I have decided to upload the .ZIP file for it from my own computer. Here's the link:

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