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Land of The Lost is an Free PRG (Role Playing Game) that allows you to have several hours of entertainment, ... HOW PERFECT IS THAT!!!?. This article talks about the contents of the game as followed;

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Land of The Lost will add several unique hours in a typical old-styled yet a very entertaining new RPG game. The game will try and add more than usual old time RPG's allowing you to interact with the world more that you are in.

Version 1.0 (Not for release, used only for testing)

Version 1.1

  • Several Hours worth of entertaining game-play.
  • Various mini quests and mini games to play
  • An epic quest of adventure, requiring travelling throughout the world
  • Great battle system, with more enhanced and difficult AI opponents to fight as you progress in the game
  • Wonderful music and sound effects added
  • Great unique locations to explore
  • Over 100 people to interact with
  • Enhancing ability to equip yourself and interface
  • Levels of experience to prestige through
  • (IT'S FREE)

The extent of the game is not yet certain; however enough will be applied in the release to allow at least several hours of entertainment and is a small project contributing towards my final project at college before I graduate. Please feel free to comment, pass the word, please let me know of any feedback you have or tell me how you think my game is in a review or comment and ENJOY!

Christopher Carlisle James

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