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This update will be talking about the features that will be included in the initial release and the features to be added in the Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 updates!!

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New Screenshots

First off, I'm excited to talk about what will be include in the Chapter 1 and 2 initial release!!

- Chapter 1 and 2 of the story
- 25 Side Quests
- 19 Crafting Recipes
- 37 Skills and Magic to learn
- Leveling up to Level 20
The level cap allows me to perfect the animation for all the skills with that range. Also it allows me to govern the difficulty of the side quest encounters to ensure they are still challenging.

New Screenshots

Next off, the New Features for Chapter 3!!

- Chapter 3 Story
- You will be getting a dragon to fly on, to explore the planet of Gaia!!
- In addition to the reputation that you gain from completing side quest, you will now be able to earn reputation toward specific groups of people to unlock unique side quests for special recipes and crafting materials
- 35 New Side Quests
- Explore "The Under", a vast ancient ruins hidden beneath Gaia
- Level up to Level 40!!

New Screenshots

Finally Chapter 4, THE HUGEST UPDATE, will include these features!!

- Chapter 4 Story
- A New Gaia!? (You'll have to play to find out!!)
- The Tower of Trials: A place to test your skills at puzzle solving!
- The Arena: A place to test you meddle as a strategic battler
- 45 New Side Quests!!
- Access to Legendary Recipes to create the Ultimate Weapons and Armors!!
- Level all the way to Level 100!!!

New Screenshots

I'm so excited to be releasing this game in a couple weeks!!! As I have said before in previous updates, the initial purchase of the game will include all Chapters, no DLCs or additional purchases. The initial release will only include Chapter 1 and 2, while Chapter 3 and 4 will come as updates and be free of charge!!

Get updates from me on these websites:
Twitter: @wmrent
Facebook: WMR Entertainment
Indie DB: Here!!
Website: Coming Soon!!

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