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Provides a list of current and planned features. Also provides an IP to the test server.

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TEST SERVER: (warning: ip may change in the near future)
Thanks to 7th division for providing this test server.

Current Features:

  • Multiple vehicle classes, all controllable and destructible.
  • Some vehicles support multiple seats such as pilot, gunner and passenger.
  • Dynamic day/night cycle.
  • Custom control system using configurable keys.
  • Fighter jets are equipped with a lock-on system to take down enemy aircraft.
  • Attack helicopters are equipped with a minigun and multiple missiles.
  • Players can use a parachute to jump out of aircraft.
  • All planes are equipped with a minigun.
  • Custom maps with maximum size supported by Call of Duty 4.
  • Custom variant of base capture game mode.
  • Teams can obtain a nuke to destroy the enemy main base.
  • Weight system for weapons.
  • Instruction menu explaining the mod.
  • Zodiac to travel over water.
  • Anti-air turrets such as ZPU, controllable by the player.
  • Unique weapons per team, for example the US get an AT-4 and the USSR get an RPG.
  • Rank system.
  • US helicopters:
  • - Transport: Ch46e
  • - Attack: Cobra
  • - Heavy: Apache
  • USSR helicopters:
  • - Transport: Mi-17
  • - Attack: Mi-24p hind
  • - Heavy: Mi-28
  • US planes:
  • - Fighter: F15
  • - Bomber: A-10
  • USSR planes:
  • - Fighter: Mig29

Planned features:

  • Tu-22 bomber for USSR.
  • Land vehicles.
  • New map releases.
  • More weapons and abilities for vehicles.
  • Automated SAM turrets.

This is a sick mod! Too bad like 5 min ago when i tried to put the ip in it didn't work the ip must have changed but this is a real upgrade to the old vehicles 3 years ago.

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